Altar Boy & Myrrh Bearer Servers


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Tom Gibson & Diakonissa Karen Koloniotis

Altar Boy & Myrrh Bearer Servers

Boys who are six years old and older are encouraged to participate in this program, which affords them the opportunity to serve Christ in the context of liturgical services. There is no greater privilege bestowed upon a young man of the parish than being chosen to serve God, his or her Church, the priest, and the congregation during divine services. It is a unique opportunity to learn from the priest, to grow in stature and grace within the Church, and to learn the liturgy. Girls who are five years old and older may serve as our myrrh bearers. Equally as important, they are given the blessing to walk with the altar boys during all processions and stand on the solea during the reading of the Gospel, etc. As females, they are not permitted to enter the altar so we have them sit in the front pew.

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