God’s Grafted Girls (G3)


Ministry Leadership

Stacy Kokkinos

God's Grafted Girls (G3)

G3- God’s Grafted Girls is a ministry to help guide our young girls through the challenges of living a Christian life in today’s world. They are constantly bombarded with negative imagery, and suggestive material in everything from television, movies, music, books, and sadly even cartoons. Through Bible study, prayer journaling, fellowship, crafts, games, and service, we hope to bring each of them closer to God in their daily walk of faith. Our ministry will meet once, to twice a month on Sundays immediately following Divine Liturgy. Contact Stacy for more information.

•September 25 -combined meeting with AHG

•October 23 – combined with AHG

• November 13

• December 4

• January 15

• February 5

• March 26 combined with AHG

• April 2

• April 30

God's Grafted Girls (G3) Upcoming Events

Sunday - 02/5/2023
Sunday - 03/26/2023
Sunday - 04/2/2023
Sunday - 04/30/2023

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